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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Pray For John

Hi Folks
Say a prayer for John Bettinelli, will you?

He is one fabulous man and the brother of Dom. On his blog, Dom alerted us what was happening and recently gave us an update. His wife just gave birth to their 7th child. John is only 41-and one heck of a guy.


Anonymous Francesca said...

Hi, this is John and Dom's sister Francesca. Just wanted to say, John's wife Patti delivered their sixth child a few weeks ago, not seventh. John was released from the hospital earlier this week and is doing well. We are preparing for his 41st birthday at the end of July and I'm sure this will be a great celebration. Thank you for all your prayers!! God bless.

9:12 PM  
Blogger TCYM Lounge said...

good gracious, I'm loosin' count. How is Patti? She is such a joy, i just love the both of them and the excellent way they are raising their kids. Thanks for the update!!

5:57 PM  

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