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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Not Really So Cynical-Really!

It seems every time I post I've got something cynical and grumpy to say.

My sincerest apologies. I am really quite a delightful person, honestly!!!

I recently discovered that I am moderately ADD. Before you think this is some crack-pot self diagnosis, let me tell you that I've had it diagnosed twice now and when I read the literature on it I can hardly believe that they are describing my life!

Between finding this out and getting let go, I find myself vaccilating between that "Is it me or is it them? If it's me, how much of it is ADD and how much of it is, well, me?" My natural tendancies, unfortunately wants to blame others. I hate this!! I guess it's because I'm already so very hard on myself that criticism is the absolute last thing that I can handle well. I'm already beating myself up, why are you joining in?

Well, prayer does a lot of good. While I am so mad at the boss for putting us all in this wretched position, I find I must repent for some things I've said and thoughts in my head, attitudes I've taken and a self righteousness that is helpful to no one. This event happened. So get on with it.

Then again, my good friend volunteers here thinks the bossman has given me a complex. Could be.

Well, on with the resume' making and job hunting. Say a prayer.


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