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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Not Good, Not Good-But We Can Work On It, Really

I've been coming in a little later these days and staying late. Today I come in and my secretary is about to fall apart.

We had to send notes to all the parents of kids who hadn't turned in their money and people get really crazy when it comes to money. I guess one woman just simply screamed at my secretary and left me a voicemail as well. She says that she gave it to us in cash and a check, how could we have lost it, what is wrong with you people...on and on and on.

Even worse, the boss is standing there hearing all this as my secretary relays this too me. Great. Just what I need. He thinks I've screwed THIS up as well. As I walk to my office I hear him asking her about it. Doesn't bother to ask me, but believe you me, it's another check on his "Failure" list.

Did they hand us cash? I don't know. Who did they hand it to? When? If she can give us a copy of the cashed check that will help us greatly.

I guess the way I look at it is everything is workable. Is she right to be upset? Sure, but please don't scream at me or my secretary. Let's find out what happened , not who is to blame for it.
But I get another check mark next to my name.

Part of the problem is that I was told that certain moneys go to one secretary and the other moneys-for the same program-go to the other one and it's created quite the nightmare. Chances are these checks were given to the wrong secretary (not by me, maybe when the parent stopped in), or that it was placed under the wrong category.

I realize I'm responsible for the program, but -well-I'm just tired of the assumption that I'm wrong. We actually had an upset parent who was sure she paid, only to find out that the exact amount was written out for a totally different program.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not very good support when your boss starts off by assuming you're wrong. Maybe he has added to your anxiety level -- a *good* boss stands behind his employee, or right next to them and says "This is an -us- sort of business. I hire good people and back them up. If there's been a misunderstanding, I find this woman quite competent enough to put things to rights. I'm not saying she never drops the ball, because we all do that at times, but that she knows how to pick it up and keep it rolling. That's why I hired her." - mlb2010

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