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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Unfair Mourning

Bad things happen to you in life that just happen. But it hurts worse when it is caused by someone's totally ridiculous decision.

I'm preparing some things for a trip that I won't be able to take with the kids now, and I broke down. I just can't believe that I won't get to experience this event with them, that I won't see them, help them grow up, grow in their faith, deal with mom and dad, friends, Confirmation requirements, etc. And I'm just so very mad at the man who made this very poor decision.

Next year would have really flown. It took a few years for momentum to grow as there is just tons of things happening. Coordinators of these events and volunteers looked to have one person to pull it all together and the kids looked for someone to cheer them on and hang with. Next year would have been the year that I'd have things under my belt and can just charge ahead.

But no. Mr Impatient can't wait. His reasons are uninformed because he won't hear. And now, we all pay. Unfair mourning.


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