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Thursday, June 02, 2005

I've Been Tagged: Meme!

Whatever that means...

Being Or Nothingness tagged me!

I guess I'm supposed to answer these questions and tag 5 others. Ok, I'm game:

Total Number of Books I own: hmm...200 give or take?
Last Book I Bought: (for me or for ministry? Isn't that just so typical of a youth minsiter?!) Well, for myself: Letters to a Young Catholic by George Weigal-who I just love.
For ministry: Dissent From The Creed by Richard Hogan, Issues of Faith and Morals by Archbishop George Pell, Make It Real, A Practical Resource for Teen-Friendly Evangelization by Frank Mercadante, and As Morning Breaks and Evening Sets by Alonso, Delgatto and Feduccia from St Mary's Press (who make me nervous, but this book looked alright-they'll say "Father" but use "God" instead of "He" but there are some good prayers too)

Last Book I Read: Wow. Hmm...Well, I had to review a bunch of texts for a morality class, but for myself...hmm....probably The New Faithful by Colleen Carroll, one of Bodie Thoene's latest, though I wish she'd hurry up and connect everything together, sheesh.

Books That Have Meant A Lot To Me:
1. Fr Elijah: Excellent Read by Michael O'Brian. His other books are excellent as well.
2. 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Young People (easier to read than the "adult" version)
3. Women In The Priesthood? by Manfred Houke/The Feminist Question by Francis Martin
4. What Do You Do, What Do You Do, What Do You Do With A Shoe? children's book: to my niece!
5. Anything by Weigel or Kreeft. Really, anything.

Sorry I don't have them in links yet. I'm trying to wrap things up here, you know.

And I will tag...let's see...Dom, Take Your Place, Young And Catholic, and...hmm. I need to get more friends.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

HEYYYY!! *I* gave you Weigel's "Letters" for Christmas, I thought...? Maybe not. ~MB2010

12:16 PM  

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