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Monday, June 06, 2005

What Now, God?

I say this a great deal these days.

I am so extremely disappointed in the decision, I think it lacked discernment, discussion and wisdom. It was made without hearing all sides, in the heat of the moment and after I'd given a plan-a solid, verifiable plan-to fix the irritations of the boss.

And I have to say, this is why I am not entirely sure I want to stay in parish ministry. I see so many decisions made-in other parishes as well-that lack. They just lack.

Lack courage. Lack wisdom. Lack obedience. Lack passion. Lack is becoming a funny sounding word because I'm saying it so often.

It's the very place where we should be able to be filled, challenged, supported to grow in holiness and experience the fullness of the graces of the Sacramental life. Yet, because it is a group of sinners wandering around, we tend to come up short.

I'm tired of the Church failing in it's mission. I'm tired of people hurting each other. I'm tired of not being challenged-and supported-to grow in holiness. I'm tired of fighting. I just want all the good stuff. Is this too much to ask for?


Anonymous lilflower said...

"I'm tired of the Church failing in it's mission. I'm tired of people hurting each other. I'm tired of not being challenged-and supported-to grow in holiness. I'm tired of fighting. I just want all the good stuff. Is this too much to ask for?"

I am totally with you on this. I'm the music director for our teen program and I am involved in a lot of teen retreats, confirmation etc. Currently I'm the music director for the Teen ACTS retreat - these retreats are run by teens with adult mentors. The teens are required to give a 3 - 5 minute talk or personal testimony. As I sat listening to their talks I just wanted to crumble onto the ground and disappear. This question overwhelmed me, "How is it possible that these teens who have attended this same church since baptism, under the guidance of a very kind and loving pastor, still have not come in contact with the living, breathing person of Christ? Why are they not changed? It's so sad but yes - we the church are failing in our mission and while some of us are trying desperately to lead our teens to a full and rich faith it's just not enough - it's like swimming upstream. When did the church as a whole become so complacent and how do we get out of this? I just want to shake things a totally faithful to the magesterium kind of way - inspire our teens to love God, love the church, love it's teachings and recognize them written on their hearts.

2:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I struggle with this as well. I am active in ur parish's youth ministries--including a LifeTeen ministry. Overall, our teens have had life changing experiences of Christ, and are beginning to evangelize the adults in our community.

A lot of times, however, I find myself becoming frustrated with those adults. I find that, in general, teens seem to be more open to learning about their faith and internalizing that formation so that the Holy Spirit can move their hearts.

Adults can be guarded and set in their ways. This is especially true when we try and present the richness of the whole Catholic Tradition to adults. And yet, if the Church is to be successful in it's mission, She must strive to form Her members fully, engaging and preparing them as apostles whom God has sent out in to the world to minister in His name.

How we go about such formation is a key question. I'm praying for both of you.

Keith Strohm

P.S. Overall, how do you find the Teen Acts retreats?

6:33 PM  
Blogger grassyopper said...

this actually is too much to ask for

i like cheese and cereal

1:00 PM  
Blogger said...

Personally I like the challenge. It's this struggle that keeps me asking "why" that keeps me begging for Christ. Imagine if I had it all, if I had everything that you mention ... imagine if the shade of imperfection didn't cast itself over the great things in my life! Then i would be satisfied . . . I wouldn't need anything at all . . . and I need to need . . . it's the need, the desire for totality that actually drives me forward to the one who promises me an answer.

11:01 PM  

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