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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

True Community

I think this is a relevant article for what I've been blathering...I mean blogging about lately. Stanton talks about what we are meant to be as community of Christ:
Finding true community isn't about abolishing sin, and true community isn't the goal that waits just around the corner following the success of our latest ministry plans. True community exists in sharing a relationship of forgiveness and new life in Jesus.

I would add that for us, as Catholics, the Sacrament of Reconciliation could do us a whole lotta good. Can you imagine what the Church would be like if we used that opportunity? Can you imagine if we only confessed the things that we knew hurt each other-like gossip and slander-what the Church would look like? Certainly that doesn't take away the other things in need of confessing, but holy smokes, talk about Drain-O. It would unclog all kinds of garbage holding us back!


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"Drain-O" LOL!

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