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Are you in youth ministry and you've had it with crazed parents? Rollin' your eyes at the pastoral council? Tired of administration work? Love youth? Love the Church? Appalled at parish politics? Looking for some good games? For a creative ways to teach a lesson for Religious Ed? Just need a place to veg out and say "phew! Someone outside of the parish to talk to!"? Grab y'r Starbucks, turn the computer away from the staff's eyes, grab a seat on a donated dusty couch and let it all go.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


If only this had been true when I WAS in high school!! (The picture isn't coming through very well at all, my apologies. And seriously, I don' really care what the outcome is. Hot? well, it is quite warm today...and sweat generally tends to not make one attractive, so, there it is!)

well it's been several days and folks clearly don't care that I'm hot-and let me tell you, in 90 degree weather I'm hot and ready to dive into a pool...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uh, this link says ....? ~MLB/MN

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