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Friday, July 15, 2005

3's A-What, Charm?

So I'm over at a friends home recently when we hear this loud BANG!. She flew outside and yelled back to her husband and I-"Call 911!". So we did and then went out to see what happened.

There in the street just beyond my car was an over- turned car and a woman struggling to get out of the car. "Stay on the ground! Lay down! Tell her to lay down!" I yelled. Having fallen down concrete stairs and getting a rather large concussion I immediatly thought-you just never know if you are seriously hurt or not.

The sirens could be heard as the driver's husband and daughter came along side and helped her to the curb. It was then that my friend turned to me and said "You do know she hit your car..."

So, now I have no job, no place to live and no car! If you keep coming to this site (and thanks so much if you do) and wondering why it's the same boring stuff, now you know why-I've been a tad bit busy lately. To say the least.


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well... that sounds fun.

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