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Are you in youth ministry and you've had it with crazed parents? Rollin' your eyes at the pastoral council? Tired of administration work? Love youth? Love the Church? Appalled at parish politics? Looking for some good games? For a creative ways to teach a lesson for Religious Ed? Just need a place to veg out and say "phew! Someone outside of the parish to talk to!"? Grab y'r Starbucks, turn the computer away from the staff's eyes, grab a seat on a donated dusty couch and let it all go.

Monday, May 16, 2005


Check out some of these thoughts. Discuss.

What do you think about the up and coming generation?

A message from Down Under-but are we practicing it "up in here"

D'oh! Marge, do I uh have a brain anymore? uuuughhhh.... as well as this gem.

There, that outta keep you busy for awhile.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding "this gem," Thomas D. Kennedy's article, "Curiosity and the Integrated Self: A Postmodern Vice" in the Fall 2001 issue of LOGOS: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture -- see (rats, don't know how to turn it into a link!) -- leapt immediately to mind when I read "infomania makes you dumber." Sure does. ~MLB

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