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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Communication Error

Ugh. I hate it when there is a miscommunication. I thought I asked my secretary to print out a letter with the border that I don't have. She thought I was going to fix the letter and send it back to her. But she's now packed up and gone and I need to get this out today. There is so much else goin gon today as well. Looks like it will be a working evening as well. Hope there is something good on TV so that I can stuff and stare and not be stewing.

It also drives me crazy that the FF Dir gets more work from her than I do. Granted its a very busy time right now and the work that she has is very legit. But I have an unusually high amount of admin work that needs doing that I'd usually give her. When I brought this up he wondered why I didn't give her the info earlier in the spring. Because of what it was there was no way I could have, not having benn able to consult the boss who was gone. Snark.


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