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Thursday, April 19, 2007

City on a Hill: The Purpose and Identity of Catholic Higher Education

If you haven't heard, the University is hosting an academic symposium on the purpose and identity of Catholic Higher Education.

I think this is absolutely extraordinary.

The University invited over 100 Presidents and academic deans from Catholic Universities in the United States and around the world. Our keynote speakers include Archbishop Miller, the Secretary of the Congregation on Catholic Education at the Vatican, Honorable Mario Mauro, the Vice President of the European Union, Fr John Jenkins, CSC, President of the University of Notre Dame and Fr Garanzini, SJ President of Loyola University, Chicago.

Yeah, I know, huh?

Archbishop Miller spoke tonight about Ex Corde Ecclesiae and it was outstanding. He made me chuckle because he'd state a point then kinda shrug his shoulders as if to say "these are my words, these are THE words". He took questions afterwards which was quite interesting as well.

The crowd gathered is a mix of people with varying positions on what Catholic Higher Education should be. I'm working the Conference, so I get to go to nearly everything, however, I can't say I'll understand everything.

What I am excited about is that it is a forum for discussions and debate about a rather touchy issue, especially for the US. Say a prayer that all goes well, that everyone gathered, as well as those of us non-academics-all are renewed in our Faith and have a deeper love and drive to deliver the Gospel message.

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