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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Being Catholic Rocks

Okay, I know that you guys all know that being Catholic rocks, but if you ever get a chance, come to the Easter Vigil at Franciscan University. It's unlike any other. It literally takes your breath away.

Today in class, we spoke about the Easter Octave. What other religion gives you the chance to celebrate Easter for eight days? None! That's why it's awesome to be Catholic. Easter's what we live for, the Eucharist is what makes us whole. This is what we see in the Easter mystery. Celebrate! Rejoice! Have an Easter celebration with your youth groups. It's amazing to see so many people in this place so full of the Holy Spirit in a radical and unreal way! The spirit moves you where he wants you go to, we just have to listen. I recently spoke with a friend who said he cried his way through mass on Sunday. When I asked him why, he said he didn't know, but the truth is that we do know. We're touched by his unending love. We live for his death, because it is in his death and his resurrection and acsension that we come to have life and live it more abundantly. Alleluia!

Please keep Jen and I in your prayers. We have a major paper due a week from today and we're both in need of many, many prayers. Thank you for your help!

He is Exulted!

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Anonymous Joe said...

Hm. We ate some ham. This is the one where he comes back as a chocolate rabbit, right?

9:15 AM  

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