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Monday, April 02, 2007

When the Holy Spirit Calls...

You might want to answer.

Several months ago I was involved in training for our student workers. It was a fine presentation, but I knew that they were going to forget the content as soon as they walked out the door. If they remembered anything it was "be nice to our participants". I knew I had to offer them something more.

I began to think about a program I did when I was in parish ministry. It is based on the 7 Habits for Highly Effective People and ties them to the 7 virtues. After each habit/virtue is learned, you do an activity that reinforces the idea. Participants more likely remember the activity than the lecture.

So I was thinking about it and more and more I felt "God saying You need to do this. Really, I'm not kidding, you need to pursue this. " So I put together a proposal and the short of the story is that Steve Colella, from the Archdiocese of Boston (and co-creater of the program) came out to do the training.

I was anxious that no one was signing up, and quite anxious about what the boss would say. Most bosses want the bottom line to be successful, and in my line of work, success is having people show up.

And 4 people showed up.

You'd think that would bother me. I think it bothers the boss. But Steve's visit to the University is going to be a package that will take a long time to unpack.

The program itself was a success in that the 4 people who went through it were impressed and enjoyed it-so much so that they said that they would have their students (or friends, we had one student) go through the program. The thing is, it's not "just another leadership program" it is a way of life. Since we are all baptized, we are all leaders in the Church, which means we need to continually grow in virtue and holiness. So, it is good for every kid, every staff and every baptized Christian.

Besides the "program", Steve was able to meet people and make contacts, which is what his boss wanted. I think it is the beginning of a beautiful relationship between Steve's employer and mine...

In the end, both of us said that the weekend was a rousing success. I know that I answered the call of the Holy Spirit and excellent things happened. I know that more could have happened if others had responded to the call as well. However, I cannot be responsible for that. I can call and invite, but others need to respond to that call . The lesson I learned is when the Spirit calls, answer, and get moving.


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