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Monday, November 27, 2006

So Much To Say

I have not had the time to write and post everything that I've wanted to!!

So, here's the short version, more to come:

1. Catechesis to students with special needs
2. Matt Maher Music
3. Begin discussing the Ecclesial Method in greater detail
4. Tell you what Sister gave me for a grade on my "Teaching Saints" project
5. Gripe about idiot drivers during my drive home to Michigan for Thanksgiving.
6. Christ The King!!! And Advent!!! HELLOO????? Can I get an "Amen"?!
7. Catherine of Siena Institute
8. I miss ministry. Maybe that's all I'll say. I miss the ministry. LOVE my job, really I do. But I miss that cross eyed kid who dares me to be friends with him and make the Church relevant to his live. That's the good stuff.
9. Oh, and I get to talk to the Youth Ministry class on Wednesday. I'm so excited.
10. I might be looking for someone to share this blog with. There are certain criteria to be met, details later.

So, if there's anything else to discuss, better tell me soon. Girl's got lots to say!



Blogger Tim said...

6. AMEN!!!!

9:41 PM  

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