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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Birthday For Grace

About 6 or 7 years ago, I was in ministry, but failing internally. I was a wreck most days and barely able to keep my head above water. Ironically doing ministry kept me going, but I often felt like I was just clinging to God's grace and mercy by my fingernails.

Then Grace came.

When my brother called to say that he and his wife were expecting, I was delighted. Who wouldn't be? I know that the newlyweds weren't really crazy about getting pregnant so soon, but I belive in God's plans being bigger than ours-and this plan directly worked for me.

Grace came into this world today 6 years ago. I lived away from home and wasn't able to see her until her baptism. I fell in love instantly. She was the first baby on either side and of course, adored and doted by everyone.

You know how there have been some girls who are always in trouble and then they get pregnant and straighten up for their babies? Many people say "That kid saved her life". Well, this kid, this little precious baby saved my life. My brother sent me a picture once that I put up on the refrigerator. Just to see that sweetness, that innocence, that goodness gave me hope. Gave me a reason to keep putting one foot in front of the other. God's grace came through Grace's life and I'll ever be thankful for my wonderful niece.

Today I'm doing much better. Life is good. I have had the chance to move home and spend a great deal of time with Grace. She is sensitive and very aware of caring for her friends. She loves her family and takes good care of her little brothers. She has had a long struggle with obedience which she and I have often talked about. (PS I'm sure her parents would greatly appreciate it if you offered up a prayer for her!) She is loads of fun to hang out with and with each passing year it is fascinating to watch her learn more about the world around her, more about God and I hope that her little sensitive heart isn't wounded too much by others. Her parents are excellent in her formation and I have no doubt that she will grow up to be a beautiful woman, inside and out.

Gracie, Happy Birthday. Thank you for being one of the greatest joys of my life. May God bless you with an openness to love and give you a special grace of obedience today!
Happy Birthday, Peanut!



Blogger SLYM said...

I can totally relate to this. My oldest niece was heaven sent and it has been her and her siblings who have helped me to remember how gracious God is and how much He loves me. I can't imagine what my suster and I ever talked about or did before she had her 4 children. I only know my life was not nearly as silly, giggly, and fun. And what they have taught me about God's love is incredible. (My oldest niece told me that when you recieve communion you become a living tabernacle for Christ....that was at age 7. Talk about awesome!!!!)

3:26 PM  
Blogger TCYM Lounge said...

Yeah, isn't it wonderful to get silly with kids?!

My two year old nephew is a love muffin. One minute he's takling you, then he's giving you a slobbery kiss. He's like a puppy dog. And he has this perpetual grin on his face as well!

And they do teach you about love. In my case, it was how unconditionally she loved me that I experienced God's love.

3:17 PM  

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