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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Leading A Revolution In Catholic Youth Ministry

I've recently become aware of a new ministry organization that I have GOT to tell you about:


Who are they?

Well they are dedicated to "building a solid foundation in Catholic Youth Ministry:

Where our Churches are safe
Where Youth Ministers stick around longer than a year or two
Where teens want to come and DO
Where the Impact in teens' lives is clearly evident
Where there are deeper conversions
Where there are families more involved
Where there are more vocations"

Let's face it, folks: Catholic Youth Ministry, while it has come a long way, is still anemic and in need of solid Catholic doctrine, resources and support. CYM leave parishes all the time bewildered and head-spinning thinking "What did I do wrong? What happened????" Good, holy people getting the snuf beat outta them due to so many short comings in ministry.

This is why I'm so excited to see Jim Beckman and Karen Reynolds start ImpactCenter. Their mission is to impact the lives of the Youth Minister so that they can in turn impact the lives of the youth. Read through what they are offering. It includes not a new program for your youth group, but a renovation of the Youth Minister. A transformation even:

"Our ministry is about HIM! In fact, our ministry, our life, DEPENDS on Him.
A “Revolution” in Youth Ministry will not come about because of an
event, a concert, or a new worship song.
It will not come about because of a new approach to ministry,or a new model.

Show me a youth minister who has discovered a
deep, passionate, and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ,
who cultivates that relationship in a deep interior life,
and I will show you where
the revolution is already happening!"


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