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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I'll Pray For A Husband For You

So I sit next to Fr Francis Martin at lunch today. (It's the Priest, Deacon and Seminarian Conference). I ask him how his talk went this morning because I was in the office getting some work done. He said it went very well. He has been doing a series on Men and Women, using Genesis 1-3. Tomorrow he is talking about Eph 5 and Marriage. So we got talking, naturally, about marriage and how God fashioned it, how we are called to live it, etc, etc etc. (BTW this man is getting on in years but he his mind is sharp!)

At the end he says "Do you want to get married?" I said "Absolutely! I want all of this!" (what we'd been talking about. "Ok, then I will pray a husband for you"

Fr. Francis Martin is going to pray for a husband for me???? TOTALLY AWESOME!


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