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Sunday, June 11, 2006

So, What DO You Do?

One of the last things my former boss and pastor said to me was "I think you'd do better at a small parish somwhere in the country."

How d'ya like my small parish somewhere in the country?

This weekend we had almost 1,000 participants come to celebrate the work of the Holy Spirit. The Charismatic Conference was this weekend and since my boss was the host, I was responsible for everything else. Which only includes (but is not limited to) Housing, Transportation, Speakers, Logistics, Food Services, Supply and Transport, Assistance with Chapel ministries, . . . finding speaker books that they want to hold up, rearranging workshop space because Fr John Gordon told everyone to go to one of the workshops, overseeing every detail of this conference this weekend.

Here are some of the responses:
Dave Fatula "In my 15 years working here, it has never run smoother"
Bert Ghezzi, speaker "You are doing such a wonderful job, everything has been great"
Kay, participant " Thank you for taking care of us so well. I think the students and staff have been better than any other year-and I've been coming for 8 years!"
Mark, Boss, Host "I was impressed. I could focus on being the host and not have to worry about a thing. When things run smoothly logistically it seems the Holy Spirit is freer to move-people are not anxious about anything and therefore much more open".

And boy, was the Holy Spirit moving. But that's the next post.

Lest you think I did everything by myself, I had a host of excellent staff, lead students and working students. This crew was ON THEIR GAME. Smiling, serving, open, ready, intelligent, gifted, being used by God: I was truly proud of each and every one of them. Really it was a team effort, and for my first solo gig as Associate Director everything went off without a hitch.

And to think I told Mark in my interview that I didn't think God was calling me to be here.

Lesson learned: Don't listen to me, listen to God!


Anonymous MLB said...

Jen Brown, you ROCK!! "never went smoother" -- music to the ears!!



4:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got a job - I prayed for you when I read your post a couple weeks ago. And thanks for the link to the photos - that was great.

3:44 PM  

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