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Thursday, June 08, 2006


So I'm a little behind.

I am not one of those who think that X-men III is about accepting homosexuality. I think it's got a much broader message.

At any rate, here's an interesting article.

And yes, I loved it. Then again, I did grow up watching it on tv or reading the comics. I hear those who did were disappointed.

I think this could be a great Catechetical movie. I think it can challenge us to think about strengths and weaknesses that we each have and how do we accept one another? Are you one of those who are IYF (in your face) when discussing theology with a parishionor? This movie is for you. Are you looking for something for class that talks about being created in the image and likeness of God? This movie is for you.

One caveat: It has rather intense battle scenes. There is also one scene that is mmm...passionate. No clothes come off and Jean Grey is not herself, so it kind of lessens the impact. But still, be ready for that scene towards the beginning of the movie.

Good flick.
Here are other opinions. I really like their take on it as well.


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