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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Youth Specialties-I Mean Zondervan- I Mean HarperCollins Publi-huh?

Youth Specialties has been bought by Zondervan who is owned by HarperCollins.
Kinda reminds me of when Servant Publications was bought by St. Anthony Messenger Press.

I went: Huh??

Hey, I'm glad if YS is glad. But to me, as a Catholic Youth Minister type, it does even less for me. While I like a lot of the research and some of the ideas, often I find that the articles either do not apply (Freeing Your Inner Theologian) or do not hold a lot of weight for me (As a Catholic I'd love to hear more about what both Scripture and Tradition teach us, as well as the Catechism, the Early Fathers, the Popes, the Saints, St Thomas Aquainas, etc. etc. etc...have to say about passing on the Faith). I wonder if this move will deepen this divide, as Zondervan is not known for either selling truely Catholic books or even upholding that being Catholic is good, right, even True.

I don't know. I like a whole lot of what YS does. I like their passion for youth. I like their research on youth culture. I like the email updates. I like their ideas for games, even Scripture ideas. This is not personal-just wondering what this does-or doesn't do-for those of us who are the Catholic Youth Minister Type.


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