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Friday, April 21, 2006

DVC vs Barb Nicolosi

I'm guessing your kids, your volunteers, your kids' parents are reading that idiotic book the DaVinci Code and have plans to go see the movie.

How often have you heard, "I know it's not real, but..." or "It's just a story, but yeah, what about the Gospel of Mary Magdelene?..." "Y'know it could be true..." No it couldn't!!! Not if Jesus is Lord for crying out loud! Not if he established the Church and the Mass you attend each week!!

I have been immensely frustrated by this book. I loathe it, that is no secret to those who know me. I think it DOES do damage. I think the sheep ARE being led astray. If you don't believe so, remember that Satan is the Great Deceiver. He makes evil look holy and holy look evil. Just look around at what is exalted and praised in culture today. He deceives when we aren't even looking. That's his ace.

Please read Barb's rant. I don't think I couldn't say it better.

Don't go see this stupid movie. Don't pay money to have the insidious lies of the enemy introduced into your heart and mind.

Othercott DVC on May 19th. Go see Over the Hedge instead. And pray for everyone associated who is dancing with the devil through this movie.


Anonymous MLB@3411 said...

It seems your "see Barbara's rant" link goes to her haloscan comments, not to her blog...

4:16 PM  

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