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Monday, March 21, 2005

Difficult Personalities

I was recently approached by a parishoner who found my site from another site. I thought I was being careful, but clearly not careful enough. It has caused me to evaluate everything that I put on this blog. I want to have a place to share my struggles and for others to share in them too so that they know that they aren't alone, but I do recognize the need to ensure a rather high level of secrecy so as to not besmirch someone here at the parish or whom I work with.

Does this mean that I get along with everyone or cannot have a place to deal with it? I don't think so, but for anyone who comes across this site and thinks that they know who the author is, give me a bit of space to stand at the water cooler and groan and moan, have an opinion-or rejoice and celebrate as the case may be without trying to guess who I'm talking about or who I am.

Having said that, I will now launch into "Difficult Personalities" diatribe.

There is a difficult person with whom I have semi-regular contact on the job with. This person has taken issue with several things that I do, and in the realm in which she "helps" me, she has some specific "concerns" (her word, not mine).

What has happened is that she has gone to everyone except myself to discuss these "concerns". She went directly over my head as well as to several on the team who are part of this event. She has a reputation for doing so, but it's grating none-the-less.

When I finally heard from her, I asked her to put her concerns down on paper, figure out a few solutions that she thought I might consider and get back with me. This never happened. And I guess it's what really gets my goad about her.

I have come up with some of the solutions as has a few of the others on the team. But this one wanted to keep picking at the scab-and then brought up several more issues of complaint.

One thing I cannot abide by: Do not sit there and complain. I have neither the time or the patience to listen to you. If you want my ear, find me a solution that is workable for you and that you think I might consider. I'd listen then! But do not simply sit there and criticize and complain. If you don't like the decisions that were made before you came on board you are free to leave. Don't let the door smack you on the way out.


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