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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Up To My Eyeballs

I know the rules of blogging is to keep it going so that folks have something to read when they are snowed in or bored or avoiding working on some project at work. (no i've never done that). .. but I'm swamped again.

I've got Confirmation Retreat training tomorrow (and yes I'm here at work on a Saturday night), and I'm in the throes of putting the packets together...

But I sort of wanted to put a hold on things because I was hoping there would be some answers for our sister in the blog from Thursday.

Look, I know it takes time and experience to build up just what it is you believe you should be doing, but doesn't anyone have any creative hints for our friend? Have you heard of, or prepared, or participated in something that really made our Faith come alive to you?

Any ideas on books or lesson plans or movies used to teach a lesson, an event-anything?


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