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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Swamped. Again

Yet I keep blogging!

And here I worried that I wouldn't be able to keep up anything of interest. But so much goes on in my head!

I've got Confirmation Team training this weekend, a Confirmation and Sponsor Meeting twice next week (that I was trying to pass off, I'll be honest) a Middle School Service Opportunity during their RelEd time the week after that, Workcamp meetings, Teen Mass this weekend...parents to call, workcampers to call...ok, I'll go soon.

Sometimes people complain that the Church is too much about busy work and shuffling papers. I must say I get a little offended at that because while it's not the root of our life together, it's what gets us organized to be together to grow and worship and such.

For instance, Workcamp is a wonderful event for the kids. However, we must fundraise to go, so...there is planning of the fundraisers, there are the kids to remind that they need to be there, there are the calls to the kids who have not turned in their fundraising money to hound, parents' phone calls to answer about Workcamp, a parents' ranting about this particular fundraising to handle, meetings with the kids to develop a sense of community and begin sharing our faith life together, adults to delegate things to, a new kid's teary fears to calm---yes. Much "busy work" but all so that the kids can have a wonderful experience for a week at Workcamp.
Phew. I'm tired after writing that!


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