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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Online Ministry

How many of you are online?

I love having MSN Messenger because I get to touch base with kids on an informal basis.

I had quite a good chat today with a young woman who is constantly at odds with her family. I know that family is having some major problems such as alcohol abuse and the possibility of the father leaving the home. She is a really great kid, generally has a good head on her shoulders, but has made some mistakes and has lost the trust of her parents.

As it usually goes with teens, she believes her parents are wrong, that they don't even know her, that they don't listen-the typical things. I think it was a moment of the Holy Spirit that prompted me to challenge her thinking.

It's a tough call sometimes, because I know that her parents have not always been fair or trusting. She feels like she is the victim and that they are totally unreasonable. Well, they probably haven't handled everything well, but I reminded her that they are her parents, and whether they do it well or not they love her and have her best interests at heart.

At any rate, we chatted for almost an hour and half, and I was able to get some things done here in the office, but it was a joy to be able to listen and challenge her through the medium of MSN Messenger.


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