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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Comp Time?

I worked this weekend, both Saturday and Sunday. Two Saturdays of the month we have Service Opportunities for the Confirmation students to participate in (they have to do 2 of each throughout the year) and Sunday was a meeting for the kids going to Workcamp with me.

I didn't come into work on Monday because I worked both days. Not all of both days, but I put in some good hours here. At our staff meeting last week myself and another co-worker were questioned as to why we don't come in until later in the day or not at all on some days. I tried to remind them that my work is often done in the evenings and on weekends, that some days will be "comp" time.

Sometimes the pastor says that I need to be here "business" hours for other staff, for parents or others who call in. I say they can leave a voicemail, an email or a note in my box. If it's not urgent, it can wait. If it's urgent, they have my number.

Still, I felt a bit guilty not coming in yesterday, but I stuck to my guns. I think I was right.


Blogger Holly said...

Stick to your guns or you'll be burning out before you know it. Youth ministry doesn't always (or even usually) happen between 9 and 5. I would recommend keeping a personal log of the hours you work with brief notations. It's interesting information for you to look back on and if it ever becomes an issue, you can share it with your pastor.

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