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Thursday, January 27, 2005

The 411

Did anyone catch Katie Couric's special last night "The 411 on Sex and Teens" ? While I'm generally distrustful of the view that Katie might take, not to mention People magazine cooperated with the study, I found the results of the survey rather interesting.

While I was a little dismayed at the portrayal of the young Catholic teen on the show, (you go girl!) it was interesting that the study found that kids with Catholic parents tended to be engaging in sexual activity less than others. It was also interesting to note that abstinence programs and attitudes were a part of the show and Katie took time with some of the students to discuss why they had chosen to be abstinent.

Does anyone remember about 8-10 years ago when the Gov't was getting pressured to start using abstinence based programming? Critics said it wouldn't work. Well, if these results tell any truth, I think we may be seeing a trend: More kids realizing the risks, more kids being influenced by their moral and faith upbringing and everyone just being plain tired of Brittney, Sex in the City type shows and as a result less sexual activity among teens.


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