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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Funny things kids say...

Hello Bloggers! I hope you're doing well. I'm sorry that I haven't been up to date on posting, it's been a little bit rough lately, and I've been totally slacking, so for that I'm sorry.

There's tons going on here. I'm choosing not to post all of it, cause really, I still need to think it through, but basically in the last month, I've been told by a parent that I do not meet their expectations and I'm a disappointment. Surprise surprise. I've spoken with the pastor, who's informed that I'm doing a good job, but still, I fear that this will not die and start to turn nasty with the mother. I hope not. Please pray for me. At most, I figure, if I'm not pissing someone off, I'm probably not doing my job so well.

I named this blog something different though, cause I get so much humor from listening to the things the kids say to each other....

So this one teen is talking to the other teens about how he's not wearing tee shirts any more and how he's doing his own laundry now and how his mom is shocked by that. It was funny. Later on I asked him why he wasn't wearing tee shirts any more and said, "Em, cause I'm a man now".

I tried not to laugh, but it's been the highlight of my week.

Keep fighting the good fight.

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