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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pier Giorgio Goes To World Youth Day

Wonder what he's paying for airfare...jkjkjkjk!!

I did not know this until recently, but Pier Giorgio Frassati is an incorruptible, so because of his example of loving and choosing God, he will go to Sydney Australia to be venerated by the youth of the world.

If you are going to World Youth Day it is always good to talk about not only other young Catholics from around the world who are part of our same faith, but also others who have lived at different times who are still a part of our Communion.

Here are some links for Pier Giorgio Frassati. Seriously, the girls always fall for him and the boys want to be him. Not a bad man to imitate!

Dom Bettinelli-ps hat tip to-has good info as well:

There are books on him as well, which Dom has listed on his site.



Anonymous said...

I'm sorry this is not a comment specific to the Pier Giorgio post, but rather to your entire site. WOW! I have been a Youth Minister in the Diocese of Cleveland for 7 years now, and only today somehow stumbled upon your page. I have read as much as I can in the few minutes I have here, but am so impressed and blessed to have found you. That's good grace for me today. I was doing a google search for our youth meeting tonight on war & peace, and somehow I found you. I need to keep prepping discussion questions before the teens get here, but I wanted to say how refreshing and exciting it was to find someone with whom I share so much in common. God Bless your efforts.

PS> I am taking a group to WYD08 and knew nothing of Pier Giorgio, so I'll have to look into that too.

4:11 PM  
Anonymous Carole said...

Tagged you Jen! Check my blog for details...

5:17 PM  
Anonymous Eric G. said...

I was there with the Diocese of Sioux Falls. Thank you for your blog and everything that you do!

- Working together in Christ!

3:24 PM  

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