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Monday, September 24, 2007

just checking in...

Hey friends. Sorry for the lack of posts, but you know, your first month and a half in ministry is insanity.

Things are great, the parish is amazing, the kids are amazing and lots of fun. I'm loving the Diocese of Arlington. It's soo amazing! They are a great group of supportive people and amazing resources. It's so much fun to work for this diocese and to be part of the Arlington elite.

I'm struggling a little bit because I feel idealess. Here I was spending all this time at school studying and planning and coming up with great stuff, but now there's these souls that are actually real and attached to these plans, which makes me hate everyone of them. The desk has the amazing ability to zap all planning from me. I went out to lunch with my old youth minister, who's still the youth minister at my home parish and we talked through the semester and it was amazing. I gave her her entire semester's worth of plans....and named the group PULSE...and then we planned my stuff and I had nothing. We met today and promised to meet once a month for planning and I hope mentor ship...I know things take time, but really, I feel like whoa! What happened to all these ideas.

Is it normal for me to feel this way, is it normal to take some time adjusting before you can come up with a game having only toilet paper, tape and a chair at your disposal? I've never struggled like this before, I'm hoping it's just my adjusting.

Please keep me in your prayers as well. I'm fighting off the seeing me as a youth minister and seeing myself as a daughter of Christ, who's career is as a youth minister. Pray for me to fight the fight, just as I am praying for you!

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Blogger quang vu said...

hi there

im a youth minister at a parish in houston tx and i was google-ing for ROC: rite of confirmation and stumbled upon your page. as someone who's familiar with the R.O.C. material, do you know of the lifeboat activity? im told its found in the R.O.C. book.

the activity has four or 5 people stranded on a lifeboat and they have to pick one person to die. theres a pregnant woman, an old man, and some other characters. but the twist at the end is that the people you think you should sacrifice actually turn out to be really important. if you have any info please drop me an email at
quangxvu at yahoo dot com

10:30 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

quang, does the ROC have the lifeboat in there?

If they did I wonder if they have a different take on it. The "Lifeboat" activity that I had done was not all that good, I realized later.

It wasnt good because it seemed to be "situational ethics", that is, pitting one good thing against another with the result that all things are equal. Do you save the pregnant lady or the scholar?

Well, is that reality? I mean, does it depend on what they give to society whether or not they are important?

I understand it's concept, to help make decisions about what is important or not, but I've never really liked that approach. Making decisions about life need to be ordered in the context of Faith and Reason. We teach the kids the hierarchies of our faith and in THOSE contexts we make our decisions. Rooted in the truth of life as revealed to us in sacred tradition and scripture is where we need to train kids to make decisions.

Because, really. When are you ever in a position to decide whose live is more important? Why not sacrifice yourself out of love for the others?

11:56 PM  
Anonymous Christina said...

I am a new youth minister also, I believe that we probably started our ministry at the same time. It is interesting to see how what I am going through is a lot of the same things you are going through. I found this blog when I was looking for information for Catholic Youth Ministers. Keep up the good work!!

5:02 PM  

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