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Monday, July 23, 2007

Big girl time!

So here I sit, in the John Paul II library, working on my seemingly endless exit presentation, far behind where I should be in the process. In just one week from now, I will be done with the presentation....but in the mean time, the labor of love that's behind preparing it will be what I'm focused on.

The exit presentation is our capstone of the catechetics specialization. Having completed our catechetics courses, we're to create a project on a method for catechesis or really just do any thing about catechesis within the Church. I'm of course staying honest to my youth ministry background and venturing where no exit presentation goer has ever gone before....presenting about..youth ministry! I hope I dazzle. I'm presenting on forming a Catholic worldview through youth ministry or really in youth ministry...Pray for me. I need it, I'm excited, this pretty much every ounce of air that I breath right now and as I find myself searching through documents of the Church, I'm in love with Christ, with the wisdom of the Church, humbled by this lofty call, while at the same time, realizing that someone must answer. Please pray for me and that I might only glorify God through this project. Hopefully, by the time it's all over, Jen and I can find a way to post it up here.

Thank you for the prayers for our conference season. It is almost over, and the Holy Spirit has really been pouring his grace upon Steubenville. Thank you for that, Sweet Jesus!

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