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Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Reason for Our Hope

Have you heard Fr Larry Richards? If not, click here and listen to him. Better yet, make sure you either buy one of his dvd's or listen to him speak in your area.

Fr Larry did the Young Adult Conference two weeks ago and on Friday night he gave one of the best homilies on Confession I have ever heard. If you have never heard his talk on it, buy it SOON. He's a straight shooter, doesn't take any bs and his main concern is souls. Some people are put off by his in your face style. He's quite sarcastic as well. I say, in a world where we have SO MUCH coming at us, we need someone in our faces yelling HEY! YOUR MORTAL SOUL IS IN DANGER, GET YOUR BUTT INTO CONFESSION!

He's a great resource to have on your shelf. No, not on your shelf, to show to people, in your parish, to your adults, to your volunteers. Make sure you hear him preach.

His website is The Reason For Our Hope Foundation.



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