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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bishops Give The Smack Down (And They All Said YEAHHH!!)

Being a catechetics student under Sister Johanna is a real delight. This woman, as I've shared before knows the "movers and slayers" of our national catechesis-and is rightfully incensed by them. Moran and Groome are two that she has analyzed and shreds their theory on "process" over content. That is, how people reach the faith and honoring whatever conclusion comes to them from that process, rather than taking the truth of the faith, the content, and catechizing in such a way to effect conversion. (REAL conversion). I mean, her doctoral dissertation is gonna knock them outta the ball park.

So when this article came up, I noted it, but I don't think I understood it's real impact. I was not aware of who Maguire was, but she said he's one of the usual suspects along with Curran and a few others (I don't have my notes with me-Em? help?).

Folks, this is HUGE. This guy has the guts to send this tripe to the Bishops and expects for it to go through??? But this tells you how LAX the system has been! That he really believes that in sending this to them it will change anything.

I know, we're not used to the USCCB layin' the smack down, but with Bishop Lori as chairman (who says he "grew up"with Sister, is a usual at the Bosco Conference and loves the University. He has a real drive and love for the Church and for real catechesis. Stick with him, he'll take you great places!) we can know that at least THIS committee is on the right track.

(PS Bishop Vigneron is also on the Commitee and has been a presenter for our Applied Biblical Studies Conference)

Keep an eye on his story.

And for the love of God, avoid anything by Groome. And Moran. And Jane Reagan. (And, frankly Bill Huebsch while I'm at it)

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Blogger Dennis said...

Hmm. I can say I don't like Huebsch all that much. I don't know the others.

I can say that there is a real distiction to be made. Catechesis presumes faith.

That is, formal catechesis presumes that a conversion has already happened. It may encourage ongoing conversion, but it presumes that a person has already embraced the faith.

So the trick is to know whether you're doing evangelization or catechesis. Yes, they contain many of the same elements. But I think the "content" stuff, the real orthodox content stuff, can only be taught to people who already have the grace of faith active.

So when you walk into an 11th grade parish religious ed classroom with 10 bored looking kids wondering how you're going to entertain them for the next hour and a half, do you catechize? Or lead them to faith / conversion?

Is it possible to do both?

This is what I stay up nights worrying about.

10:21 PM  
Blogger Em said...

What a holy man you are Dennis! I wish that I had all the answers that you needed.

Yes, you do catechesis to those have faith. Conversion is an on going process. I can't identify to you the one time when I knew my life was for Christ, it just always was, but catechesis helped me to grow in love with Him.

For those who do not have faith, you would taylor your pre-catechesis/evangelization differently, but rest assured that the grace from the sacraments that these 11th graders would have received will help them to understand Revelation. The grace is alive in them. So when you go into a room and you don't know what to do for the next hour and a half, feed them the Good News. Feed them Jesus, because whether or not they say it, they're hungry for Him.


12:59 PM  

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