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Thursday, March 15, 2007


I went to the interview, it's under my belt! I'm not so sure how I did, but I feel good about it. I'm glad that I have it under my belt and know a little bit about what to expect from future interviews. The parish was nice, the pastor was nice and things seem to be good overall. Of course, we'll see how they go. Thank you for your prayers everyone. I really appreciate all of them, I know that I was lifted up in prayer and I am so blessed because of that.

Jen's been having a blast in Rome, really enjoying herself too much, and my spring break's been delightful. I went on a confirmation retreat with 85 7th graders and a handful of high schoolers (the Diocese of Arlington confirms in the 8th grade) and it was great. I've done these retreats for a long time and it's been so amazing to be God's instrument for all of these years (Since I was 13) and it was definetely a good last retreat for me. (Pretty much, it's going to be a little nerdy to go to another parish's confirmation retreat if you're a YM somewhere else. I can see myself coming up to prepare lunch or something, but not leading it as a small group leader). Seeing all of the kids that I've watched for years grow up and give some amazing talks was amazing, I got to spend time with three amazing people I worked with two summers ago but most of all, planting those seeds were amazing. The retreat was good, the kids really got it and it was leaps and bounds better than one of the last groups who we retreated. It's so great to know that Christ's love is shining so brightly in this way. Everyone should check out "Who You Are Makes a Difference" (type it into a search engine. Learn it, love it and live it), we make blue ribbons and hand them out to the kids..maybe something you want to try.

I had a great meeting with the youth minister from my home parish Toni and it was utterly refreshing. It's always so nice to bounce around ideas and to hear people's support of me going into ministry. Breakfast with her was so nice and really helped us to talk about a lot of ideas for stuff at my home parish. This break has been great! Thanks again for the prayers!

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