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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Prayer For Paul

My brother has gone to Ghana to do a medical missionary trip. He is an ophthomologist (an eye doctor) and took up an opportunity to go and give eye care to the villages of Tema and Accra:

I'm so proud of him, but a little nervous as well, as it is a third-world country. His main concern was picking up a parasite or some other diseases. He was even concerned about going to Mass there, which I would be too, frankly. But pray for their protection, success and that the Lord woud work in the hearts of all of the team to be ministers of Jesus even as they are performing medical procedures.

Paul at breakfast with host. And Dr. Paul doin' his thing

Paul in front of the Tema Christian Eye Center
Ghana, Africa

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Blogger Christopher said...

Thats really cool that your brother is going overseas to do service work! I'll keep him in my prayers. :-)

9:33 PM  

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