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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

"Above Post"

Sorry, I've just been a little too busy doing my project.

In short, the "Ecclesial Method" is something that Msgr Kelly talks about in "The Mystery We Proclaim", a must read. While there is no official teaching that would dare to say you MUST teach this way, it is a reasonable, proven and practical way of catechesis.

The project looking before me is to teach the doctrine of St Paul and St Peter doing the first few steps, mostly Preparation and Explanation. (I've found that all five interweave to some degree, but it's a good idea to make sure they are all there).

By Preparation I mean "calculated disengagement" as Sister calls it. It's using the doctrine as background and finding a way to get the crowd to move from the world out there, their problems, their lives to some extent and shift towards an openness to hearing the Truth proclaimed.

Proclamation and Explanation are, I suppose a bit obvious. Proclaim the Truth, then explain the Truth.

Creativity is needed for both. Just an opening prayer will not suffice. Just talking out of the book won't get it done either. We know that as youth ministers. So it's a deliberateness to opening people up to hear the word of God or the doctrine and then giving a presentation that engages them on several levels, and even in considering different learning styles.

I must go now, and I'll get to the last two, Application and Celebration later. I've loads to do. Thanks for the input. Always good.

Looks like this blog is finally working, even to a small degree. It was meant to help each other with the work of ministry, and well, at least I've been getting some help! I believe others who come here will to. Can't wait to have the time to make it even better.

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