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Thursday, October 19, 2006

World Missions Sunday

Is this Sunday!!

Ok, so I'm going to totally steal my profs' lesson for today. But she has such good ideas!

We talked at length about both today's feast day (see above) and World Mission Sunday.

What is good to hear is that it's always important in our lessons to take time for feast days or calls for the work of the Church. Since almsgiving and evangelization are precepts of our faith, you cannot afford to miss this opportunity.

World Mission Sunday, if you don't know, is a work of the Propagation of the Faith who asks us to set a day aside for prayer and giving aid to further the work of the Church.

What makes World Mission Sunday such an important celebration in our Church? As the title reminds us, it is a universal celebration carried out through the world in which all members in every country, diocese and parish lift up their minds and hearts in solidarity with Christ, our Lord and Savior. We are asked to consider that the Church is larger than our own locale. The problems and challenges in our own place must be situated in the context of the larger Church. It is not just a “second collection”; it is a mindset, a mission mentality, celebrated on this day.
(from the World Mission' Website)

A few facts (taken from the Mission Society in the UK)

A few points to emphasize:
1. The Church, being Universal, cares for it's own. We are a family.
2. It is part of our baptismal call, our duty to evangelize and give alms. This is not an option!
3. Alms: Not going home and asking mommy and daddy for a coupla bucks. Challenge your students to give up something for a week or a month: Those fries in the cafeteria, the mocha-chocha-latte from Starbucks, a movie, candy, CD, game. Whatever. Then collect the money saved and turn it in. To give out of your comfort means nothing. To give out of your need means everything. Even out of your want, let's be serious. We want for precious little.
4. We can give to the World Missions as well as local: either "national" local or your own city or town.

Other resources:
The Society for the Propagation of the Faith
Catholic Extension (Mission for America)
Columban Fathers

Maryknoll has a rather liberal-theology agenda so I'm not going to post their website here. But you're welcome to do as you please.

There are many other worthy places to give your money. However the above should suffice. Their all big, all doing excellent work


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