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Monday, July 25, 2005

Case For Women Priests

Now don't get all excited. I'm not challenging the Church's authority or have any belief that women are being discriminated against because we can't be priests. We have many other roles to fill in the Church.

However, for a long time now, I have wished that I were called to the priesthood. (Maybe my first wish would have to be to have been born male, but honestly, I love makeup and perfume and dressing up, so that wouldn't work out so well...)


Because I think that I have more guts than some of the men who have said the Masses I've attended.

Last week the Gospel was about the chaff and the wheat, so what does our pastor tell us "Don't judge, just let God take care of it". Seriously? I'd say: "DON'T BE THE CHAFF, FOLKS! And here's how!! " This past weekend the theme was the Pearl of Great Price. The homily was a bit stronger this weekend, but lacked in passion, and ended with a lame attempt at humor asking for money to publish a book. The Pearl of Great Price?!?! Let's talk about it!! Let's talk about how WONDERFUL the faith is, how amazing grace REALLY is! How making use of the Sacraments is not only beneficial and needed but HEAVENLY!! Extraordinary!!!

I get the sense from too many pastors that they feel that they have to play that line between preaching the faith and not offending the money givers. Honey, I'd rather a holy parish that is poor. Of course I'd exhort them (I almost typed "extort") to give their 10% because anyone working for the Church and is lay should not live in poverty, but my main goal? Souls. Into Heaven. Because they got the right information. And instruction. And discipline. And Love.

Well, that's my case to become a priest. Maybe I'll have to raise that kind of man. Ok, Lord. Let's get crackin'.

(PS "Open Letter to Priests" coming soon...")


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