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Friday, April 22, 2005

Fundraising Hair Raising!

The next two weekends Youth Ministry has it's two biggest fundraisers. This weekend it's the Mexican Dinner. We are also raffling off some pretty sweet prizes.

But on my way in I got a voicemail from one of my over hyper volunteers-where was the cook, where was the food, she didn't have time for this, give her a call back.

10 minutes later I arrive at work and she's gone. Left the building. So I call my Right Hand Gal. RHG says "I can't find the cook" (much of the food would be prepared today for tomorrow).

Not 5 minutes later the custodian comes up to me: "Someone has reserved all the tables you wanted to use for a sign up that they are doing". And the person in charge is not in the office today.

And I have 1/3 of the kids who have not turned in their raffle ticket sales and short of going to their homes I'm 'bout ready to start charging them interest.

This will all turn out all right, but it's quite the circus, despite all of our plans.

Oh, PS. Our cook has different, um, cultural expectations, I think. Time is not all that important, but finding the right bean is. *sigh* She finally showed up this afternoon and I'm choppin tomatoes like a mad woman.


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