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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Catholics and Protestants Eat Lunch-Together!!

Everyso often a crew of us youth ministers types from the area get together and eat lunch together. I'm the only Catholic in the group which makes for some challenges for me.

I'm also relatively new to the area and it seems like many of them know each other and other Protestant ministers and events in the area. So far I've walked into every lunch feeling overwhelmed and mad at myself.

See, I'm generally a really fun person to be with. But I've discovered that I'm at my best when I "own" the room, when I am in charge, when I know everyone,'s when I'm so totally in the minority that I get "verklempt"

My biggest awareness is that I'm the Catholic. They don't make me feel that way, but it is ever present on my mind. I am keenly aware of what I say, what I talk about, how I present myself. I worry too about what to talk about. What do they consider "Christian" what topics do I avoid?

This also comes out of a two sided coin. I admit I might be a bit "anti-Protestant" but that comes from the flip side-that I want EVERYONE to have all the good stuff that the Catholic Church has to offer. It's not a coat that we put on , but an acceptance of reality and a choosing to live this reality.

What would you do in a regular group of Protestants? They are really good people and we try to plan some social events together. But what is your take on the Catholic-Protestant relationship? How does one be with our separated brothers and sisters in Christ?


Blogger Jaime said...

How does one be with our separated brothers and sisters in Christ?

The same way one hangs with Catholics..

With love baby!! With love!!

10:12 AM  
Blogger TCYM Lounge said...

I know this.

However, everything in me wants to evangelize-that's not the right word, I don't think-them.

I really don't know most of them well, but the bigger picture is that we are a minority as Catholics in this part of the earth and so it makes for interesting dynamics both for myself and for the kids.

1:35 PM  
Blogger Jaime said...

I know this.

Hey I knew it would sound condescending when I wrote it.

But that's our most effective tool of evangelization. I don't think folks give it enough credit.

There tons of stories where protestants and agnostics were moved to conversion simply by having an audience with JPII. Was it because he said something so wise it convinced them? No. If they're lucky, they get a "God bless you" and there's a good chance they hear that in a language they don't know.

Its because the man loved so deeply he probably glowed at night! (well probably not but it wouldn't surprise me) Every single person I've encountered that saw the pope in person all said the same thing. You could literally feel the love as if it was directed specifically to you (and it probably was)

I worked with all the YMs in my area. The thing that frustrated me the most was that I knew I made less money than any of them. (It wasn't a huge frustration). But we were able to put together events and even a few church competitions that went over great with the kids.

I don't really recall any time when we discussed the theological or doctrinal issues between our faiths. But if they asked questions, I'd give them the right answer.

If you feel the need to evangelize then don't worry. When it comes to evangelization, love is the only real tool we have.

3:15 PM  

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