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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Well, You Can Never Really Know

In reference to my "Confirmation Woes" below, I spoke with the pastor. I had written a letter to all those still needing to complete the program letting them know that they may not receive the Sacrament until certain events happened. This is NOT to say that I believe in them earning the Sacrament or that they are not worthy-but the whole point is to get them properly disposed so that the sacrament is most effacacious-that they learn that the Faith is about learning, yes, about experiencing, (the retreat for instance) yes, but also about serving! It's not all about them!

Anyway, I handed the letter to the Boss and not only did he approve my point, but he added his name to the letter and signed it.

Then I told him that we 'd like to take a big bus to our Summer week-long program. Much less enthusiasm there. Thought it would be totally the opposite. Oh well. What d'yda do.


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