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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Weekend Update

What a weekend! Friday we had an overnight LAN party where they hook all their computers together and play games. From there, I went home, showered and went to the service opportunity with some of the Confirmation students. I tried to work on the Workcamp meeting but couldn't see straight, so I went home. I slept a big, came back in, sold raffle tickets for our fundraiser. This morning I went out to the school to pick up things left from the LAN party, finished working on the Workcamp meeting, made it to 11am Mass, where I realized I forgot to put on deoderant. Didn't hug anyone at the kiss of peace. Left early to go home to get deoderant, realized I forgot food for the Workcampers, grabbed oranges and came to Workcamp meeting. Had meeting with wonderful kids, had lots of info to give them.

PS If you are planning on doing a LAN party Best Buy might still have this sale going on, not sure. It is a 4 port wireless router. A router is the box through which all the computers talk to each other with-with cables, or wireless, if your computer has a wireless card. The XBoxes will need cables. But we had someone bring a 24 port router, so we did pretty good. We also had a parent who worked in IT (information technology) and got us 100 feet cables for 10 bucks!! Not bad.

My social coordinator and I were totally out of our element. Thankfully, someone from the parish saw our ad to the kids and approached us to let us know that he'd be willing to help us set things up. Thank goodness!!

It was a funny site-these boys had their own little world going on and seemed like they all had a great time.

The Service went great: Some of my most challenging boys met up with an elderly man who only spoke Spanish, and they said that they had fun trying to speak to him. All in all I was really proud of them.

Workcamp meeting went well too. Tired. Wish this county sold beer on Sundays, cause Lord knows I could use one. I'm going to go sit in the sun and read my Sunday paper.

God is Good. Pray for vocations!


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