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Monday, April 11, 2005

The Book Of The Gospels

Patrick Coffin offers this observation over at Dom's Blog: I love the idea that this might not have been random, but maybe, as he says in the end, that God is giving us a wink.

Did anyone else notice the red Book of the Gospels that was laid upon the casket? For a few minutes it simply lay there, an open book upon the Man With the Open Heart. Then a stiff breeze came up and the white pages started flapping back and forth, like a dove in flight. Then in the middle of the Mass, the book suddenly closed itself. Boom. I couldn’t help but notice the perfect symmetry: Its spine lined up flush with the upright beam of the painted cross, the one with the “M” at the lower right. You’d have to sit there and adjust it a few times to get it that aligned, and yet the wind did it in one take. The cynic in me says I’m reading in too much, but the sight of a “closed book” upon his casket in the midst of his final good-bye was moving. Gave me Godbumps, and reminded me of the oddly vivid rainbow that suddenly graced the sky over Mile High stadium the instant the Holy Father strode on to the stage for WYD Denver in 1993. We do well to appreciate when nature’s God gives His people a wink.


Anonymous VocationsGal said...

Yeah - I heard another commentator over on EWTN talk about the book being blown closed by the wind (tho not about the "M" line-up!). His comment was profound, too, and hit me where it counts (i.e. made me cry): that now, the Holy Father's "book is closed" -- life is ended, and it is for us to pick up where he left off and keep going. (Sob!) Count me IN!! ~MB

8:33 PM  

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