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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Divine Mercy

I don't believe that it is coincidence that the Holy Father will probably die on Divine Mercy Sunday. In fact, I don't even really plan on being glued to the news until after 5pm-which would be 12am Rome Time: Divine Mercy Sunday, officially.

I've heard from several reliable sources about the timing of this-folks who have been wakened with a clear dream, a strong unshakable sense, a my good friend put it: It's probably the Holy Spirit getting us ready for the eventual departure of our dear Holy Father.

I was wondering-why not last weekend? Why not carry his cross and die on Good Friday, or go to Heaven on Easter, the day of Resurrection? Then I thought: Silly. He would never presume to overshadow THE Death, THE Resurrection. But Divine Mercy Sunday? The Polish nun's (Saint Faustine) call to prayer and this Pope bringing this to our attention...and the fact that it IS Divine Mercy that we most need at the hour of our death. hmm...

Well, I continue to pray.

PS Think of all the weekend Masses being celebrated as he is dying-we'll all be praying for him around the world-what a way to go out!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a day, week, month! New to youth stuff AND church council stuff. Yes, I'm tired of all the politics and "politeness" while impolite comments charge the air 24/7 in a church that is supposedly serving the Lord. Today, I felt miserable. Then I started writing this Sunday's bulletin information regarding our youth group. That totally brightened me up! In my head bounces the message, "Take care of the children and I'll take care of the rest!" Should know after a few too many coincidences that the Spirit is indeed at work in my life. - Jen

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