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Friday, March 25, 2005

Dying-New Life

See that dash?

Yesterday I decided to fast for two women. One is dying. The other one to be baptized into new Life this Easter Vigil. As I sat in the chapel during Adoration last night, I was struck by the breadth of Christ's Sacrifice.

From the very brinks of death and misery to the hope and promise of new Life. Dying-New Life. Christ is everything in between, is FOR everything in between, is the REASON, the CENTERPOINT the ALL-Creator and Sacrificial Lamb.

Wherever we are at in that -God is there.

As Terri lays dying a horrible death and Lizz (and several thousand others) prepares for her entry into Life by virtue of her Baptism, let us remember that He is God. Merciful. Giver of Grace. And for both, for all:



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