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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Invite, Invite, Invite!

While I know it is a time of year that we want to take in and refresh ourselves, may I urge you to remember to invite your youth to all of the Triduum events that take place. Send an email, invite them to sit with you, call them up, whatever it takes, Invite them! You might say something like this:

With all that goes on in your life-homework, cranky teachers, friends you like to hang out and chat with, the Sweet Sixteen College BB tournament, relationship issues, xanga blogging, college decisions, movies to go to and irritating little brothers or sister (or bossy older ones) let me invite you to the one place that has all the answers:

Holy Week.

What? Holy Week? “Boring!” or “More Church??” you say? To busy you think?

This week is the very center of our Faith. Remembering Christ’s passion, death and resurrection. THIS is what it’s all about. Jesus. Loved You. Went through all that.

For You.

So You didn’t have to.

Been stressed? Jesus has too. Been disappointed? Jesus has too. Been failed by friends? Jesus has too. Felt more alone than any human should feel? Jesus has too. Been making some bad decisions? Jesus takes that from you. Been wondering why this Church stuff is so important? Because it’s Jesus’ way of finding you, spending time with you, not only to tell you that it’ll all be ok when we trust him, but also because he GIVES us the strength and graces that we need to deal with everything in our lives.

He invites you to spend time with him these next few days. I know you are busy-have lots on your mind. But bring it to Jesus and let him carry it all for a change.


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