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Are you in youth ministry and you've had it with crazed parents? Rollin' your eyes at the pastoral council? Tired of administration work? Love youth? Love the Church? Appalled at parish politics? Looking for some good games? For a creative ways to teach a lesson for Religious Ed? Just need a place to veg out and say "phew! Someone outside of the parish to talk to!"? Grab y'r Starbucks, turn the computer away from the staff's eyes, grab a seat on a donated dusty couch and let it all go.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Side Bar

I'm trying to keep a running list of excellent material along the side there. I update it whenever I get the chance. Check back often to see what's been added.

If you come across any good resources email me the information and I'll look it over and add it to the list. It can be anything from good orthdox teaching material to sites about music lyrics or games to play, good reads, etc. Just email me your resources and we can start sharing what wisdom we have with others!


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