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Monday, March 21, 2005

A 20 Year Old Just Kicked My A**

Sitting here dinkin' the time away because I don't really want to be here and I don't really want to work on my budget (still.) I started surfing. I came across this blog and this girl has it right:

If you're not committed to being passionate, then the passion dies. As soon as you settle for the routine, the mediocrity, your passion dies. You need to be committed to God (the source of your passion) and to His call, His plan, His purpose and then your passion will grow. Persevere through the hard times, through the times when you don't feel anything. Stay committed and you'll push through the brick wall. Once you can sustain the passion he puts within you to begin with, then your passion will grow, and so will your life, and everything you direct your passion towards will grow and flourish and be successful.

Your passion is sustained by your Commitment.

Thanks, girl, I needed that.


Blogger Em said...

Glad i could be of service! Peace. x

3:58 PM  

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