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Monday, January 10, 2005

Visiting Priests

Since our pastor is on sabbatical for the next four months (I really am delighted for him, it is long overdue) we have a visiting priest.

This past week he rang me up and asked if he would be stepping on my toes to endorse a retreat program that he works with. Well, far be it from me to say no so I agreed, and asked him to either agree to give myself and my secretary all the info and we could handle the admin side of things or I couldl just send everyone to him and he can handle it all.

Having not heard from him I assumed that he would take care of any kids that were interested in going on the retreat. Imagine my surprise when at Mass this weekend he proceeded to announce it and then say "There will be a video presentation in the chapel for anyone who is interested".

Ok, even though he didn't say "See your Youth Minister" who do you think they are going to call. And second-and even more disturbing in my opinion-he had a video presentation in the chapel! ARGH!

Upon chatting with our Deacon this morning I discovered that this was largely Fr Visitor's decision and had given the Deacon several things to do for him in relation to this retreat. What really bothered me was that the Deacon should not have to handle this, esp when I offered to help Fr Visitor with anything. Even more frustrating was his insistance that this video be shown where it was-esp when we have several other rooms available -some of the best are right off the coffee and donuts room-in which to show this video.

Now, I'm grateful for this retired priest coming to say Mass for us and for his work in this retreat program. But I was a bit dismayed to hear the Deacon defer to him.

Which begs me to ask: Because they are a priest, does this automatically put them in charge? Also, am I right as challenge the notion that the chapel is "just another room" or is it really our holiest place, a place of prayer, reverance and worship-not a meeting hall.


Blogger Father McCarthy said...

The priest went beyond his duties as a temporary administrator, however, if I were you I would sit down with the deacon and explain to him the finer details of your duties as Youth Minister. Unfortunately, the deacon has become the parish middleman. He is like the mom we go to when we want to do something. The pastor, or in this case, the youth minister is the dad. Unfortunately, there is probably nothing you can do about it. I would just wait for the pastor to get back. Meanwhile sit down with the deacon over a cup o' joe and establish a lifelong friendship.

6:46 AM  

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